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NandNLogistics, is a renowned company providing truckload and multi-ton freight forwarder services. In short the company is based in canada and has a fleet of modern trucks fitted with diesel engines. Likewise the services that NandNLogistics offer are mainly focused towards the areas of commercial transportation, logistic transport, warehousing, manufacturing and distribution.

Transport and Logistics, freight


When you get a truckload shipping quote from NandnLogistics, it will tell you how much less it costs to ship your goods in this way compared to the cost of shipping using other methods. NandnLogistics uses a special type of truckload trailer called the LTL, which is short for "less than truckload".

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NandnLogistics is also a good choice if you are looking for a temporary solution. If you have a lot of equipment you need to transport from one location to another, you may need to outsource your transportation needs for a few months until the equipment is fully assembled. It may be better for your business, in the long run, to hire NandnLogistics to provide you with the trucking and trailer service that you need.

What we Offer


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Contract logistics

We are a logistics company that offers contract logistics services to their clients. To sum up NandnLogistics offer air shipping, ocean shipping and land shipping. Moreover our contracts can be for one time delivery or monthly deliveries for shipping companies.

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Overland, Ocean and Air Freight

Our Overland trucking service provides the ability to transport goods from one city to another, and our Ocean Freight and Air Freight services allow you to ship your cargo by boat or plane respectively.

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Warehousing and Storage of Transport and Logistics Company

Imagine you're a transport and logistics company. Your trucks are loaded with goods, but now your warehouse is full to the brim. You need someone to take those goods off your hands and store them somewhere safe until they can be sold or transported again. WE offer warehousing and storage of all kinds, so we'll gladly take care of that for you!

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Consulting Services

WE are committed to providing exceptional service to our customers or shipping companies. Further we offer a wide range of consulting services for the shipping industry. Above all our consultants have experience in all aspects of logistics, from international freight forwarding to tracking and tracing.


We cover distinctive industry areas, from food and refreshment, chemical, retail, solid merchandise and Similarly more for transport and logistics services. Check the full list.

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Consumer Packaged Goods

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Chemical Goods

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Food and Beverage

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Retail Goods

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Energy, Oil and Gas



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N&N Logistics inc covers over 150 locations all over the globe plus numerous shipping companies from different areas of supply chain, with the help of usaa personal loans.