N&N LOGISTICS And Transport is a professional freight solution provider in ONTARIO

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N&N LOGISTICS And Transport is a professional freight solution provider in ONTARIO

In a fast paced environment where our client’s expectations are to move shipments in a safe, efficient and affordable manner. N&N LOGISTICS Inc. offers customized Professional Freight solutions and provides opportunity for transporting the equipment around Canada and America. In addition, We are a 3PL Freight solution provider and specialize in finding rich and high quality solutions to your LTL/FTL Logistics needs.

Therefore our clients receive the professional freight solutions along with the best pricing possible for their shipments. Currently Majority of shippers used our services through which they move loads inter-Canada or US depending on their requirement. In other words we Provide our services to promote the growth of our customer businesses.

Types of transportation and cargo solutions

  • Long Distance shipments and Local shipments
  • Specialized loads that may require additional documentation/Permits
  • Expedited services
  • Canada to America – America to Canada
  • Inter-Canada
  • Inter-America

Explore more About our Services

Our team has a vast experience in providing marketing solutions to the freight industry covering various segments like, freight, logistics, trade, supply chain, transport and shipping. Therefore, We understand our customer needs by creating that visibility to your products and services by using the many options that we provide.

At N&N Logistics we understand the importance of  freight solution provider  around Canada/America for your business and the need for your goods to reach their destination in a timely fashion.  NandNLogistics is  also Freight Broker Company that Provide  services such as : air & sea transport at an affordable price.

Further we have the right team to handle your equipment and freight in Canada/America. At N&N Logistics, we will always be there to keep an eye on every step to accommodate your supply chain with best software development process in delivering your shipment for ensuring that your demands are fulfilled, and your shipment is delivered on time and at competitive rates.

What you can expect from N&N Logistics Inc.

  • Ensuring all documentation is completed
  • Updates started ahead of pickup and when delivery is finished
  • Ensuring your shipment is on track with the best route possible and avoiding all delays as much as possible
  • Competitive pricing with excellent services
  • Customer satisfaction

We strive to create an atmosphere of transparency and honesty with our customers because the satisfaction of the customer is our first priority. Our vision to set the standard of a quality freight service that drives everything we do!

Operates in all weather conditions including in extreme heat or cold. In addition, Provides exact and authentic real-time location data of transport around the country.

Reach out to us on your next shipment. We would love to help.

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